Anyone who has created art of any kind—musical, visual, literary—doubtlessly understands the anxiety of embarking on the process of creating and displaying something personal to the rest of the world. Regardless of the actual content, an artist’s product is, in some way, a production and extension of themselves, their personality and their inner workings. While there are millions of reasons why releasing something so immensely personal might be anxiety-inducing and nerve-wracking, the logistics of finance and roll out need not be among them—at least not with the assistance of Michigan-based artist assistance project Anxious Collective. A group designed with the goal of helping artists world-wide by simplifying the logistics involved with releasing music and it’s associated components, Anxious Collective aims to streamline the process of creating and sharing art at an affordable cost with effective tactics, thereby taking the anxiety out of at least one component of artistic production and expression.



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