What we have to offer


As a beginner it may be difficult to tell who is your friend and who is there to simply make money for doing your work. Anyone who has worked in any form of industry for 5 months soon finds out how harsh the game really is. Check out this EBook of tips collected by Greg Long.


Graphic Design

4+ Years of assisting bands, artist and businesses, we can create every element you could need for your social media, printing or release.

Lyric Videos

Each video is designed to compliment your audio, making any release more than average.

Streaming Videos

Nothing goes better with a well planned album release like matching one of a kind streaming videos. Order individually or as a bulk,fast turn around time.

Merchandise Designing / Printing / Distribution

From tee shirts to tank tops, Stage scrims and business cards, posters to buttons, our printer does it all.


If you’re looking for something a little more custom and unique, our artist have what you’re looking for, hand drawn illustrations specializing in logos and merchandise designs.


If you’re only looking to spend a small amount, we can create a single PNG logo or if you’re looking to go with something a little more packed, we can analyze your fan base and create a branding package that suits your needs.


Artist Development

We all start somewhere, looking to grow as an artist and join Anxious Collective? We are always accepting applications. From promoting your work to providing free assistance we enjoy watching our artist develope.


We have been reaching out and building connections and relationships with many respected artist, promoters and businesses through out Michigan, the country and globe.

Artist we had the pleasure to work with in one way or another

Sleep waker  | Hotel books | Spirit breaker
Novara | Forces | Change Is | Sycamour
Silver age | Welman | Adventurer
Dethrone the deceiver | Ghost native
Vexatious | Hot mulligan | Forget me knots
Drifter | Northern | Forest green
Stories untold | Conway | Loser
Tranquility | No boundaries | Dead fox
Backpacks | Scapegoat | Animated apparel
Fallacy era | Gold route |Vegas lights
Dead name  | Hotel books | Awaken astraeus
Rumours | Lights alive | Brightwell| Shortleash
Denihilist | The banshee pilot | Mirrurs
Unalaska | Of cities  | Scavenger
Find your pulse | Deadly humor clothing
Rest assured apparel | Hollow grave clothing
Hype squad clothing | Actual villians | Fortunes

& many more