Spotify Playlist

1. Michigan soft rock

A playlist comprised of the best pop-punk, soft-core and rock bands Michigan has to offer including…  Silver age, Hot mulligan, Boys of fall, Gold route, Narco debut, Forest Green, Backpacks and more!

2. Michigan bites back ( Covers )

A collection of some of the hottest songs covered by awesome Michigan Metalcore, Pop-punk and Alternative bands. Support the artist! Blank slate, Vegas lights, Dethrone the deceiver, Boys of fall, I see stars, I prevail, Sycamour and much more!


3. Bands of Wolves

We thought it would be a great idea to make a playlist of 20 of our favorite bands with Wolf or Wolves in their name for pure entertainment, who knew they would all be great artist. Mixed genres. Bands included in the playlist : A scent like wolves, Wolves at the gate, Wolves at midnight, Wolves & machines, Bad wolves, To live as wolves and more.


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